Taking August Vacations in the peak of holiday season can be chaotic, expensive and crowded. August is also the perfect time to explore some of these less popular destinations where the weather is beautiful, and you’ll be enriched with a unique holiday experience that would last a lifetime of memories without burning a hole in the pocket.


Lavender Farms

Iceland’ is the home for northern lights, but this country boasts of much more that can be seen in its full glory in August with lush green landscapes and long sunny days easily ranging from 16-18 hours of shoot. It’s the ideal time to explore the gorgeous scenic routes of Iceland exploring all forms of nature from waterfalls, lagoons, mountains, lakes to glaciers. Iceland at this time if also popular for its berry picking season. If that isn’t enough, then its waters are flocked with whales and it’s a sight of a lifetime.


Kenya in August is an experience of a lifetime, with you bagging front row Broadway seats. Kenya is home to the legendary Great Migration takes place across both Kenya and Tanzania. The spectacle isn’t suitable for everyone’s pocket and must be planned ahead. By August, the wildebeest migration usually reaches the Mara River in Kenya’s Masai Mara, one of the most perilous parts of the journey. Here, you can see nearly 1.5 million wildebeest attempting to clamber safely across the river, dodging crocs in the water and lions on the shore. It’s heart-in-your-mouth stuff. You’ll forget to breathe!


While much of South East Asia is being knocked about by monsoons in August, Bali is warm, dry and reliably sunny. For lovers of exotic Asian culture, Bali peaks the list. On Bali, temperatures hover around 27 degrees in August and skies are generally clear, providing the perfect conditions for a tropical getaway. Explore the rice paddies surrounding Ubud, visit ornate temples on dramatic hilltops and laze on white sands until the sun goes down. Read our article on Top Things to do In Bali for detailed recommendations.

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